Durable buttock wipes

Baby wipes, what don’t you use them for? When changing, cleaning those little faces and wiping small sticky hands. But I think every mommy has also used them to cleanse their own face or the table or… In short, it is a procuct that is used a lot. Worldwide namely 14,000 per second (whaaaat!?) So all those wipes create a huge amount of waste. And most wipes are made from a plastic fiber (one pack of butt wipes contains the amount of 2 PET bottles) Time to look at a more sustainable alternative.

Although a baby wipe does not require more than water, a large part of the baby wipes contain a whole list of ingredients, such as pafum, alcohol and chemical preservatives. Of course, we do not want to expose the sensitive baby bum to this. Always choose a product that mainly consists of water, but also check the other ingredients that have been added. Although there are more and more baby wipes on the market that mostly consist of water and are therefore better for the sensitive skin of your little one (s), these are still made of plastic and therefore far from sustainable.

The most sustainable alternative are the washable baby wipes. Moisten a little with water, possibly add a drop of oil and you are good to go. You can use them again and again and it saves a lot of waste. And no difficult and harmful ingredients that can irritate the delicate skin of your little one. Win win! Better for your little one and better for the environment.

But now of course there are times when it is useful if you have a pack of durable baby wipes in hand. For example, if you are on the road and your little one has just produced a poopy diaper. Ok, then it is nice to use disposable wipes. But then choose in any case for the most durable buttock wipes. Plastic-free, made of eucalyptus fiber and in a sugar cane package.

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