The Benefits of Shampoo Bars

I’m all over it!! I’ve really tried for my unruly, fluffy, kind of curly hair from all over the place. But the end result was always the same: fluff! On my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle I came across the shampoo bars *. I immediately thought it was a super product because it offers an alternative to the regular plastic bottles #hellozerowaste. In addition, they also last longer (on average 80 washes) and consist of natural ingredients (in contrast to the chemical ingredients that are often added to regular shampoos). At least I thought it was worth a try. After a first wash with the curly girl bar , followed by the hair mask, I immediately noticed how soft my hair felt and waited… What is that…? I think I even see a little bit of shine coming out there! I haven’t seen this in my dehydrated locks in years. For me it was a no brainer: I definitely switch to Shampoo Bars. FYI I list all the advantages for you:

1. Plastic-free

No plastic packaging. All bars are in a 100% biodegradable packaging and are completely plastic free. This in itself should be reason enough to switch, because we all already produce enough plastic waste #halloplasticsoep

2. Kind to your hair

Shampoo Bars are packed with good ingredients that nourish and restore the hair. For example, the main ingredient in the Shampoo Bars is an environmentally friendly and mild foam former made from coconut oil. Regular shampoos are often full of chemical additives that strip and dry out the hair. A shampoo bar consists of natural ingredients that gently cleanse and care for your hair, keeping your hair (and skin) in top condition. Also nice for the sensitive skin of little one (s).

3. Cheaper

Genuine? Cheaper? Yes, really! You may find the bars a bit pricey, but a shampoo bar is really cheaper than you would expect. They cost € 8.95 each, but one bar lasts as long as three bottles of shampoo. That’s equivalent to about 80 washes! Especially if you do not use a basic brand, but already opt for a shampoo without chemical ingredients that are bad for your hair (such as silicones, parabens and SLS), then you will lose as much for a bar as for one bottle. Furthermore, a regular shampoo consists of 80% water. The bars, on the other hand, have a higher concentration of active substances that have not been diluted and can therefore do their job optimally, without damaging your hair.

4. Pocket-size: convenient for traveling

If you go on holiday and then you take your Shampoo Bar with you in a handy storage can . You no longer have to think about how many liquids you can put in your suitcase and no more stress whether the cap was properly on and not all your luggage is under the liquid. You also no longer have to buy plastic travel bottles, which you then throw away again, but you buy a storage can once, which you can use again and again. A shampoo bar is nice and compact and you always have enough at one bar for the entire holiday.

5. Sustainable and vegan

The Shampoo Bars are produced in the Netherlands and not abroad. As a result, no unnecessary transport is required and because the bars are plastic-free, there is also no need for a large amount of heavy plastic bottles that are 80% filled with water. In this way, the carbon foreprint is kept as small as possible. And last but not least, the bars are vegan friendly. There are no animal ingredients processed in the bars and they are cruelty free, so not tested on animals.

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