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Lovely! A fresh cleaned house. Everything smells like lemon or pine cones. But are all those cleaning products actually that healthy? Of course, we all know that most cleaning products are anything but healthy. But during my research I was shocked by the effects of all these fragrant bottles of poison.

One package per day

Research from the University of Bergen (Norway) has shown that the regular use of cleaning sprays is just as harmful to your lungs as the daily removal of a pack of cigarettes. During their research, they followed 6,000 people for twenty years. The study showed that the lung function of women who were busy with cleaning spray on a daily basis was comparable to the lung function of someone who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for at least ten years.

Dangerous substances

But it’s not just the cleaning sprays that are the culprit. Almost all standard cleaning products are full of hazardous substances. All-purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners that contain carcinogens, substances that can cause respiratory problems or that affect fertility. In addition, the simultaneous use of cleaning products can also strengthen the effect. And the remains of these types of cleaning products eventually end up in our system through our food, the air, our clothing and through the (ground) water. Not to mention the environmental pollution that all these chemicals cause. Therefore, choose natural cleaning products instead. These clean just as well or even better than chemical cleaning products. In addition, environmentally friendly cleaning products are better for yourself, your family and nature.


You can get started yourself and DIY your own cleaning products. There are plenty of natural cleaning products and with this you can make your own cleaning spray, toilet cleaner or stain remover.

Baking soda is such a real all-rounder. You can really use this for almost anything. Use it as an abrasive, dissolve it in water and use it as an all-purpose cleaner or use it together with vinegar for a clean toilet.

Vinegar is also a multifunctional natural cleaner. Use it as a descaler, to wash the windows or as a fabric softener.

Or use green soap to clean your kitchen, to clean the bathroom or to remove stains.

Natural cleaning products

So there are plenty of natural products to clean with. But do you, like me, like convenience and are you not such a DIY person. Do you prefer a product ready for use? Then take a look at our cleaning category. Here you will find various natural cleaning products. For example, the cleaning products of INCIA. These do not contain chemicals or artificial fragrances and dyes. All products contain only a natural perfume. Every INCIA cleaning agent is safe for the skin.

Because INCIA cleaning products are so safe, you can use them for almost all materials. Thus, the natural floor cleaner suitable for parquet, laminate, ceramics and tiles. The natural all-purpose cleaner spray is multi-purpose for all rooms and can even be used against limescale. A super fine spray without chemicals!

If you have small children at home, try the fine natural detergent for babies. The detergent has a wonderful subtle lavender scent and is perfect for washing the clothes of your little one(s). It is nice to know that the fragile skin of your children does not come into contact with all kinds of chemicals through their clothes. This detergent is also very nice to wash your own clothes with. And for washing up bottles, pacifiers and plates, you naturally prefer a natural dishwashing liquid.

The Elite Home

The Elite Home is also such a fine brand with natural cleaning products. The products are biodegradable, do not contain parabens and sulfates and still clean vigorously.

All products of The Elite Home are formulated on the basis of herbs. They do not contain raw materials harmful to nature and human health, such as harsh chemicals, SLES, SLS, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Paraben, Phosphate, MEA, DEA, TEA, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, petrochemicals, paint, animal raw materials. They are cleaning products made with safe, effective, biodegradable ingredients for yourself and your family.

Would you also like to switch to natural cleaning products? We are happy to help you on your way on our page about natural cleaning.

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