Top 10 sustainable Sinterklaas gifts

It’s that time again. Saint Nicholas is in the country and we are all shopping en masse again. Are you also getting a bit itchy from all the plastic, brightly colored toys and would you like to buy a little more consciously this year and choose a fun and sustainable gift? Then read on for my TOP 10 of sustainable Saint Nicholas gifts.

1. Natural Play Makeup

Most children love it. Messing around and experimenting with make-up. Unfortunately, most play make-up is not known for good quality. It is often full of cheap and harmful ingredients. Which you would rather not have your little one put on his/her face. That’s why Ivy & LouLou’s fine play make-up is a perfect alternative. Nice colors combined with glitter. A nice balm that is easy to apply by little fingers and without mess! We love it! But more importantly, this play makeup is 100% natural and toxin-free. The make-up is completely vegan and even the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard, so 100% plastic-free. The perfect Saint Nicholas gift for the conscious parent 😉

2. Moonie bear

This is a real favorite! Your child will sleep well with this nice soft cuddly toy. Made from (GOTS certified) organic cotton with a filling made from recycled materials.

This teddy bearhas 5 natural calming sounds that promote restful sleep. The light in the bear’s belly gives a soft, warm light to reassure your child in the dark.

The teddy bear has a built-in rechargeable USB battery and is produced in Europe in limited numbers and with great attention to detail.

Child with stuffed bear made of organic cotton
Moonie Sleeping Bear

3. Silicone Toys

Leave the cheap plastic toys full of harmful substances, such as lead, bromine, phthalates, mercury, dioxin and BPA this year and opt for silicone toys. This lasts for years, contains no harmful substances and can be used for all kinds of things. Nice for the bath, for the sandbox, for endless self-invented games and also looks nice as decoration.

Stacking tower in a brown colour mix
Silicone Toys

4. Bath chalk / window chalk of rice wax

Turn bathing or showering into a party with the bath chalk from Kitpas. The paper in which the crayons are wrapped is waterproof and therefore does not tear when it gets wet. The crayons are shaped like a fish and float on the water, which provides extra fun in the bath!

The window crayons are suitable for almost any surface and are completely erasable on non-porous surfaces, such as windows and mirrors. But it can also be used on paper. A drawing can be transformed into a beautiful watercolor by running a wet brush or just a wet finger over the drawing.

Both the bath chalk and the window chalk are made of non-toxic rice bran wax and natural pigment. Non-toxic and allergen free. Perfect for your little one to play creatively with.

children draw with window chalk on window
Window Chalk Kitpas

5. Teddy bear or cuddle cloth

But one that you can let your little one drag around with all day without a care in the world and to cuddle. Therefore, choose a cuddly toy or cuddle cloth made of 100% organic cotton. Especially because a cuddly toy is carried up close and is sometimes sucked on. Therefore, choose a sustainable variant that lasts for years and is free of harmful substances.

Baby cuddle cloth bear
Cuddle cloth

6. Magic Sand or Play Rice

A gift with a guarantee for many hours of fun. Let your child fantasize and play with this open-ended toy. Ideal for children who want to get their hands busy building, kneading and making figures. Magic sand is the perfect sensorimotor toy. Tip: a wooden box for the play sand prevents you from finding the sand throughout the house; )

The colored rice from Grennn is also an ideal Sinterklaas gift for the conscious parent to give to your child. Children will love playing with sensorimotor colored play rice. Playing with play rice helps to process stimuli and relax. The rice is colored with food-safe food coloring and therefore free of chemicals. Again, a wooden play box is the ideal companion for the colored play rice.

playing child with wooden play tray
Magical sand

7. Wooden craft and drawing materials

Your little one probably likes to draw, paint and stick to their heart’s content. But if you like natural colors and materials, then Grennn’sbeautiful handmade products are ideal. No plastic in screaming colors and already broken after 1 use. But unique pieces that are made one by one with love and attention.

For example, the beautiful wooden watercolor holder (incl. watercolor ), a wooden drawing board, a wooden glue pot holder or a pencil holder. All unique products made by hand to last for years.

Child Painting on Wooden Drawing Board
Wooden drawing board

8. Amber necklace or bracelet

An amber bracelet or necklace not only looks very beautiful, but did you know that this stone is also widely worn for its holistic pain relief and calming effect? Ideal for teething, for example. Amber jewelry is also often worn against diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, such as asthma and colds.

Necklace amber

9. Read-aloud book

Reading books are always a nice gift to give. A personal favorite is the book of Tiger and Kiki in the jungle. That’s about the Law of Attraction for Children. The book is for children from 4 to 10 years old. In the story, Tiger and Kiki learn how to realize their dreams with the help of knowledge about the law of attraction. They will take you on their own adventure through the jungle and show you how you radiate energy, how a positive mindset influences their dreams, the power of visualization and gratitude, how you consciously manifest your goals and that you can believe in yourself!

A wonderful book that can make a lasting impact on the lives of little adventurers.

WVA for children

10. Lunch box and water bottle

Sometimes a practical gift is also very nice. For example, a drinking bottle or lunch boxmade of stainless steel in beautiful colors and with nice prints. Choose a lunch bin made of natural materials in a beautiful soft color. Perfect for little hands. Match the lunch bin with a nice stainless steel drinking bottle. Why it is better not to let your child drink from plastic bottles? You can read about it here.

Brown water bottle child
Drinking bottle stainless steel

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