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yes FINALLY it’s here: The Glow Guide. The ultimate guide to help you live a more conscious, sustainable and low-toxic lifestyle. It is a collection of everything I have learned in recent years, looking for a way of life that suits me better. What did I find out? A conscious lifestyle becomes visible in the outside world, in the choices you make and the things you do. But it starts from within.

Do you live on autopilot? That’s not so good. Because while you keep going, your life passes you by. In recent years, I myself have become more and more conscious in life. A process of trial and error and repeat.

Happiness magnet

As I’ve experienced it, “feeling good” starts with being honest with yourself: if you dig a little deeper, how do you really feel? Because ultimately your internal world determines what you see and achieve in the external world. In other words, it’s only when you feel f*cking good that your life becomes f*cking good.

A lot of people think it’s the other way around: If I have a friend/child/own home/other job/Instagram-worthy wardrobe/fat bank account, then I’m happy. An insidious mistake. Because in reality, a happy feeling works like a magnet that attracts happy circumstances .

Good every day

What do you already do every day to make you feel good? What are the things you do because they really suit you, because you really like them? And do you also consciously reflect on what is going well in your life, what you are grateful for and what you have achieved?

The key to this is: every day. That may sound like a lot of pressure – another thing you have to do – but you don’t have to spend all day doing this. No one goes shopping out of passion, no one cleans the toilet out of passion. Every day can also mean at least five minutes every day. But with your full attention.

Start with your why

This way you get to know yourself better and better. And that’s important! Because with daily moments of happiness you can go a long way, but you are not there yet. At the end of the day, we all need something bigger, something we can hang everything we do on. Your big why.

That why comes from within. You want to contribute to something, help others. For example, I think it’s super nice to inspire people with Glow and help them get the best out of themselves. Because if everyone gets the best out of themselves, we will make a more beautiful world together. I am convinced of that.

Small changes, big impact

That you are the most determining factor in what your life looks like is perhaps the most important insight you can gain. It puts you in control . That you take your own responsibility. That you shine. Not once in a while, but basically every day.

You do this by making choices that are good for you and for your environment. For other people, animals and ultimately the entire planet. When you do, you can’t help but feel so good that you shine.

Small changes, big impact

Do you get tired at the thought of doing things differently? That’s very recognizable. When you’re completely stuck in the daily grind, it seems like doing things-differently-takes an unnecessary amount of energy. But the magic thing is: it actually provides a lot of energy.

And of course you don’t have to mess everything up at once, or start with the most difficult things. Planting seeds of what you want to harvest in the external world step by step in the internal world: that is the winning approach.

Personal cheerleader

I like nothing more than cheerleading people on their way to a more conscious lifestyle. And because you probably don’t get along very much with pompoms, I have bundled my own experiences and learnings in an e-book full of practical tips.


It is the ultimate guide to start shining from within. With a lot of mindset and a lot of tools to achieve a conscious, sustainable and low-toxic lifestyle.

Warning: After reading this ebook, you’ll probably feel unstoppably inspired to make the changes you need to start radiating from within. In other words: only download when you are ready and … warn your surroundings too 😉

Join the community

Have you become completely enthusiastic after reading the e-book and do you want to talk about each of the topics Want to know more? Or do you just want to join a nice group of women who are all better want to make choices ?

Then join the Glow community . A place where like minded people come together, share tips and inspiration. Where we keep the vibes nice and high and where we help each other and others as much as possible to be the best version of themselves. Join here .

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