Drinking tea without plastic. Why you want to choose a plastic-free kettle

In my search for a healthier and low-tox lifestyle, it’s now also my turn for my kitchen appliances. I knew that plastic leaks endocrine disruptors and even more so when it gets hot. At first I thought I was fine with my stainless steel kettle But unfortunately it also contains plastic parts. So it’s time to look for healthy kitchen appliances. Besides the fact that a plastic-free kettle is better for your health, it is also better for the environment. If you choose a plastic-free kettle, you also choose a sustainable kettle.


BPA (bisphenol A) is found in many plastic products. BPA is a plasticizer used to make plastic and plastic elastic. However, BPA is a xenoestrogen. A fake hormone that causes a disruption of the hormone balance. BPA is a substance that can cause many health problems, such as infertility. Many products nowadays are BPA-free. Unfortunately, in many cases, BPA has been replaced by BPS (bisphenol S), which is almost as harmful.

BPA free kettle

Every time you boil water, a kettle with plastic, i.e. BPA or BPS and microplastics, leaks into the water. That’s why the kettle is one of the first appliances I replaced in the kitchen (the microwave went out the door years ago). The kettle is used a lot in our family and every time I went to make a cup of tea, I thought about the harmful substances I ingested with it.

So I started looking for a kettle without plastic. Because even if it is claimed that a kettle is BPA-free, it can still contain the substance BPS. And this one is just as harmful BPA. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible, also because of the impact this substance has on the environment. Plastic does not decompose, so I think it makes sense to produce as little of it as possible. So I started looking for a kettle without plastic.

Glass kettle

You could opt for a glass kettle, but these very quickly no longer look so fresh due to limescale. Tip: if you filter your drinking water, you will be rid of limescale in your kitchen appliances anyway. I haven’t been able to find a glass kettle without plastic parts so my search continued.

You can read all about the health benefits of water filtering here .

The one ♡

In the end, I found a kettle whose inside is made entirely of stainless steel and which is completely plastic-free (whoop whoop). A beautiful BPA-free kettle without plastic!

This one is from the brand Ottoni Fabrica. A brand that, among other things, aims to make healthy products. By eliminating the presence of plastic and other materials, which are harmful to our health. Furthermore, all their products are super solid and made of high-quality materials to last for years. The kettle is therefore slightly more expensive, but I would rather spend a little more on a good and durable product than buy a (harmful) trinket that I have to replace every so often.

Last but not least… I love the retro look of these kettles. It is now shining beautifully on my kitchen counter. I’m totally happy with it and I feel a lot better now that I know that there are no more BPA, BPS or microplastics swimming around in my tea 😉

Plastic in tea bags

Would you like to drink completely plastic-free tea? Pay attention to which tea you drink. Many tea bags also contain plastic and release millions of microplastics into your cup of tea. So it’s better to choose delicious organic tea or teabags without plastic.

Do you know another brand with plastic-free kettles? Share it below in the comments. That’s how we help each other!

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