Sustainable tips for holidays

The holiday is just around the corner and you are going on a journey. Although it can all be a bit looser on holiday, it is of course still a good idea to stay conscious and sustainable. And so also think carefully about which items you are actually going to take with you on holiday. I’ll give you some useful tips.

Nice and airy summer clothes

But instead of stuffing your suitcase with everything and anything that you end up not wearing at all (been there, done that), it is better to bring a few nice items that you can wear on different occasions. For example, our muslin wrap dressand wrap blouse are really perfect, because they are wonderfully airy and can be worn both casual and chic. Because you can roll up the sleeves of the dress, it is also suitable for different temperatures.

Water bottle

As far as I’m concerned, it’s indispensable when travelling. A beautiful reusable glass water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. This way you ensure that you continue to drink enough during hot days and you do not have to buy plastic bottles on the way. You can read here why it is better not to drink water from a plastic fels. And, of course, it’s also just better for the environment. Check whether the tap water can be drunk, because this is not always the case abroad.

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are not only nice to use, they are made from natural ingredients and better for the environment. You also save a lot of space in your suitcase by bringing bars instead of plastic bottles. But not only your shampoo bottle can be replaced with a bar, but also your conditioner, shaving cream, face and body wash, scrub, you name it. Or go on holiday for practical and choose the 3-in-1 travel bar . This is a shampoo, body wash and shaving bar in 1. Ideal for traveling!

One care product

There is no need to take endless care products with you on a trip (or to have them in the bathroom cabinet at home). With one can of shea butter (or jar for the whole family 🙂 you have everything you need with you. Shea butter is perfect as a day and night cream, body lotion, aftersun and to support your skin while sunbathing. Do you want to know everything about shea butter and what you can use it all for? You can read thathere .

Natural sunscreen

My first advice is to let your skin slowly get used to the sun from spring and not to spend hours baking at your holiday destination in the heat of the day. But there are times when you can still use some extra protection. Then choose a natural sunscreen , without synthetic additives and with a mineral filter. You can read all about the difference between a mineral filter and a chemical filter here .

Washable cotton pads

Nice and easy and compact. Instead of a whole package of cotton balls, you take a small nice bag with two washable cotton pads . You can use it again and again and you will still enjoy it after your holiday. Perfect for cleansing your skin. Rinse/wash out for a while and they are ready for the next use.

These sustainable summer items for traveling are therefore not only better for the environment, but you also save space and money, because they often replace many other products. And you don’t just buy the items for holidays, but because everything is reusable and/or made to last, you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Would you like to know more about how you can organize your life more sustainably? How can you become more conscious in life and make better choices for yourself and the world around you? Request the free Glow Guide here . The ultimate guide to start shining from within. With a conscious, sustainable and low-tox lifestyle.

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