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Does your little one also like to make up your own? Mine certainly is. But, I now also know that a lot of make-up is full of chemical ingredients, which I would rather not have in contact with the sensitive skin of my children. So it’s time to look for an alternative.

Harmful substances in make-up

Unfortunately, as in many care products, make-up often contains questionable and even dangerous ingredients. Such as, for example, hormone-disrupting ingredients such as parabens and chemical dyes. This makes the products have a longer shelf life, easier to lubricate or smell good. Unfortunately, these ingredients are not always good for our skin. And certainly not for sensitive children’s skin. That is why I was always a bit reluctant if my daughter or son wanted to work with make-up herself.

Natural children’s makeup

After a long search, in which I had to struggle through a lot of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. And where I occasionally couldn’t see the forest for the greenwashing trees, I eventually found a very nice brand. Made from natural and 100% safe ingredients, in the best colors and glitters and also handmade in the Netherlands. The play make-up of Ivy & Loulou ticks all the boxes and also looks super fun and very cheerful. Because I like neutral colors, but my pink glitter unicorn adoring daughter thinks otherwise.

Ivy & Loulou

The play make up by Ivy & Loulou is a balm based on jojoba oil (instead of powder). Super nice, because if a game falls (guaranteed to happen) not everything is on the floor. The children’s make-up can therefore easily be applied with a finger, but with a brush is of course also possible. And if you want to remove the make-up, use the matching washable cotton pads. That you can use again and again.

Furthermore, the make-up is 100% vegan, so it contains no animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. And not only the health and safety of the children has been considered, but also that of our planet. All packaging is plastic-free and recyclable.

And last-but-not-least! The make-up has been completely approved by my own test panel (son and daughter) who have already been working on it. And the natural play makeup is also super fun to give as a gift.

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