Natural sunscreen

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A natural sunscreen. What exactly is that? And what is the difference with a chemical sunscreen?

A natural sunscreen contains a mineral (natural) filter and is therefore also called a mineral sunscreen. You can recognize a natural sunscreen with mineral filter by the following names in the ingredients list: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. A chemical filter can be recognized by the following names: octocrylene, oxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate and avobenzone. These chemical filters are absorbed by the skin and absorb UV rays. A sunscreen with mineral filter puts a layer on your skin and does not absorb. A mineral filter does not absorb UV rays, but reflects them, so you are protected against harmful radiation from the sun, without the sunburn being absorbed by the skin.

In addition, many sunscreens contain all kinds of syntetic substances such as parabens, artificial fragrances and dyes and perfume. This ensures a nice smell, that the creams are easily spreadable and that they are quickly absorbed by the skin. However, these chemicals can also end up in the body. But these chemicals are not only absorbed by our body, but also end up in the ecosystem when swimming in natural water. Therefore, choose a natural sunscreen with mineral filter, without chemicals and other junk.

The advice is of course to sunbathe in moderation and to avoid the sun in the heat of the day. Then find a spot in the shade and lubricate yourself and your little one(s) with a natural sunscreen .

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