Law of attraction for children

The power of gratitude, listening to your feelings, the importance of the energy you radiate, visualizing, believing in yourself and consciously manifesting your goals. These are things I want to pass on to my children from an early age. I make them aware of the power of thoughts, teach them to visualize and feel gratitude. By doing so, I help them develop self-confidence and give them the tools to make their dreams come true. “Anything is possible! And you can achieve anything you want,” I keep hearing myself say to them 🙂 But even more than that, I try to be an example for them. Because children don’t do what you tell them. They do what you do.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction. Whether you believe in it or not, it is always in operation. It is a universal law by which, through the energy you send out, you attract things. If you learn to be aware of this at all times and learn how to largely emit a high energy frequency combined with intentions, you can shape your most beautiful life yourself.

Conscious manifestation is working very consciously and in a focused way to convert your intentions into your reality. To do this, you will first have to set an intention, crawl into the best version of yourself that has already manifested what you would like to manifest. How would this person feel, what would she think, and how would she behave. And then take action based on that feeling.

For the little ones

But how can you pass this on to your children? By making them aware of what they feel, think, say and do. And that this determines what they experience. This is not a one-time thing but requires a lot of repetition and guidance. But once they start to see that it works, it gives them confidence and they will get better and better at it.

You can help them by fantasizing together (visualizing) and by asking them questions about what they would like to do. You can make your children aware of their emotions and thoughts and explain what they are. It is important to have a positive approach. For example, you can help them to look differently at a situation they have experienced. Instead of focusing on what they didn’t like, you can learn to look at the things they learned through that situation and what they did like about it. You can teach them that they always have a choice to look at something a certain way. And can choose a positive approach. This will make them feel more positive and therefore attract them into their lives.

In practice

A fun way to do it is by, for example, filling in a manifestation form together. This helps your child to get into the energy of his or her wish. The questions make you think about what exactly you want, they help you get into the emotion of what exactly you want and help you become aware of what you are grateful for. You can download the event form for free here . Or you can use affirmation cards to get into the right energy with your child.

If you would like nice printables with positive affirmations for children, please send me a message. I will then send them to you digitally for free. Super fun to print out and hang, for example in your child’s bedroom. To start and end the day on a positive note!

Book tip

A good way to teach your children about the law of attraction is to read stories with them that incorporate the message of the law of attraction in a playful way. For example, I like to read the book of Tiger and Kiki in the Jungle with my children. This is a children’s book from 4 to 10 years old that is about the law of attraction and manifestation. In the story, Tiger and Kiki learn how to realize their dreams with the help of knowledge about the law of attraction. They will take you on their own adventure through the jungle and show you how you radiate energy, how a positive mindset influences their dreams, the power of visualization and gratitude, how you consciously manifest your goals and that you can believe in yourself!

children's book

The Power of Gratitude

Another great way to end the day together is to name (and especially FEEL) what you are grateful for. This way you can program the subconscious mind in a positive way before your child goes to sleep. Gratitude is the highest energy frequency you can send out. The more gratitude you can feel (also during the day), the more positive things you will attract.

Nice children’s books about becoming aware of your feelings and gratitude are Mr. and Mrs. Buddha. Mr. Buddha is a playful yoga story for children and adults. Mr. Buddha helps you become aware of your body in a playful way. Being in touch with your body, your emotional world, ensures that you can express yourself in your own authentic way: indicating what you need. Mrs. Buddha counts her moments of happiness is about gratitude.

Children's books Mr. and Mrs. Buddha

Children are very open-minded, so it’s actually easier for them to apply the law of attraction than for adults. Adults often carry a whole mountain of limiting beliefs with them, because of everything they have experienced during their lives. As soon as children learn to understand and work with what they feel, think, say and do, they can start to experience that you determine what you experience. This requires training, repetition and guidance. By doing it often, they’re going to see how it works. That gives confidence, ensures that you get better at it and that it goes faster and easier.

So you want to teach your children early on to make the law of attraction work in their favor. Then make them aware of the power of their thoughts, visualizations , and gratitude. Teach them that they can direct their thoughts and focus on positive aspects. After all, it’s never too early to make children aware of their inner strength and help them make their dreams come true.

Are you already familiar with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation? And do you apply this in the upbringing of your child(ren)? I’m very curious. Will you let me know in a comment?

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