Is burning candles toxic?

The short answer to this is: YES! Do you, like me, like to light candles in the house? Then it is advisable to take a good look at which candles you are burning. What are they made of? Most candles contain paraffin, because it’s nice and cheap. But when they are burned, quite a few carcinogenic substances are released. But fortunately, there is also a better alternative. This allows you to keep burning a candle every now and then. And still ensure a healthier indoor climate. I’ll tell you all about it.

So, most candles contain paraffin. This is a waste product of petroleum. Combustion releases toxic substances such as benzene and toluene. These are all substances that have been proven to be carcinogenic. So you don’t want to inhale this in your living room. It has been proven that sitting in an enclosed space with a number of candles lit is just as harmful to your lungs as smoking a cigarette. In addition, paraffin candles cause a lot of smoke and soot. The wick of most candles is often made of synthetic material and often contains lead and zinc. These substances are also toxic when burned.

But… Don’t worry. You can still just light some candles in the house. But then choose a better alternative. So no paraffin candles, but candles made from 100% vegetable wax . The sustainable tea lights from C-lights are made from responsibly grown vegetable wax and they come in a plant-based cup. The wick is made of 100% high quality eco cotton, so there is no soot during burning (your lungs will thank you ;)). Last but not least, no animal wax or fat is used for the production of the candles and they are therefore completely vegan!

Would you rather burn a nice scented candle? Unfortunately, scented candles are quite toxic. A good alternative is to get started yourself with vegetable wax and essential oils. Or you can simply add a drop of essential oil to your natural tea light made of vegetable wax. This also spreads the nice scent of the oil (and nice and easy, I like that :)).

A good and healthier alternative to replace the cozy mood light of a candle in the house is a Himalayan salt lamp . This not only provides an atmospheric light, but also immediately increases the number of negative ions in the house. Which is beneficial for your health. You can read all about it here .

However, it is always important for a healthy indoor climate to ventilate sufficiently. Whether you burn candles or not. No matter how cold or hot it is outside, always open a window. Preferably, you ensure a constant air flow in your home. This may not be feasible for everyone, but at least make sure you ventilate regularly. So open all the windows against each other!

I will share more about a healthy indoor climate with you soon in a new blog. For example, regular cleaning products are also a major culprit for an unhealthy indoor climate. Here you can also make a better choice by choosing healthy natural cleaning products. You can read all about non-toxic cleaning here.

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