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Do you want to kickstart a healthier, more sustainable and low-tox lifestyle? Living more consciously, feeling better and making healthier choices, step by step? I am happy to help you on your way!

For this I have put together the Glow starter kit , with all my favorite natural, sustainable and non-toxic products

The starter pack contains the following products:

Put this beautiful gratitude journal on your bedside table and write down 3 things you are grateful for that day every night before you go to sleep. By spending just a few minutes a day thinking about what you are grateful for, you will sleep better, feel less stress and uncertainty, and experience more happiness. 

Give your skin, hair and body only thepurest products, for that extra dose of self-love. With this pure, organic and natural Shea Butter you care, soften and protect your skin – all with one jar of pure happiness.

This delicious Glow herbal tea is specially formulated for radiant skin. This organic herbal tea contains beautiful herbs and antioxidants that support the optimal functioning of your skin. Especially for a beautiful radiant skin!

This delicious body scrub bar is made from natural ingredients, such as shea butter, almond oil and Jojoba seed oil. These are not only nourishing for the skin, but also offer protection against harmful external influences. Instead of regular shower gel that dries out your skin. In addition, the bar is not only nice for your skin, but also for the environment. The Bar is free of aggressive cleaners, packaged in plastic-free packaging and replaces no less than 3 plastic bottles of regular shower gel.

These small but very fine sponges are made from the dried root of an Asian tree species. These sponges have been used in Asia for centuries for their natural and mild cleansing properties. In fact, they are so mild that they are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

A sustainable alternative to disposable cotton pads, Reusable cotton pads made of nice and soft and comfortable material. Ideal to remove make-up or just to cleanse your face. Made of 100% organic cotton.

Deodorant free of aluminum, artificial fragrances, vague chemicals, and alcohol. 100% natural. Contains no microplastics or nanoparticles. And the tube is made of 100% recyclable bioplastic. Tube made of sugar cane, packaging made of biodegradable cardboard. Apply 1 time, effective 3 to 7 days

Cleaning your home with natural products? You can use this allles cleaner for everything. All surfaces, washbasins, the toilet seat or the top are nicely cleaned with it. The combination of the oils and resin ensures that you can clean your home well. But without the harmful chemicals. 

Bonus: you get a nice bag for free with the quote: “selflove is the highest frequency that attracts everything you desire.” To store or take with you all your favorite care products.

Exclusively for you, you can now order the Glow starter pack worth €80 for only €69.95. So give yourself (or someone else) the finest gift you can give. A first step towards a healthier life.

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