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moshi moshi mind is a Danish brand founded in 2006 by Stine Skjoldborg and Rikke Rasmussen.

An article from the time stated that 72% of all women preferred something softer when they came home from work, daily errands, etc.

They saw the need to design a non-seasonal multi-purpose wardrobe that could take women seamlessly from the office to yoga class, from playground to Pilates, and from slow breakfast to city hour on the town.

moshi moshi mind was created with the ambition to create a brand where women can be inspired to live a less complicated, more balanced life and live a more holistic life.

moshi moshi mind was created to focus on smart fashion instead of fast fashion. In a world that is constantly changing, we want to inspire conscious choices, create timeless design and simplicity for women.

Our goal has always been to create comfort, movement and softness.


From its inception in 2006, moshi moshi mind had a clearly defined value system and a vision to build a more caring, responsible and inclusive brand.

Based on three guiding principles and values for the way work is done at moshi moshi mind: care, responsibility and community:

Due Diligence: We act with due care morally, commercially and humanly in all aspects of our business.

Responsibility: From the very beginning, we have been responsible for everything we do. We have always worked with sustainable principles and initiatives and we will continue to do so. We are curious about new methods and processes to develop the company in this way. Our focus is to make products that have the smallest possible impact on the earth and last as long as possible.

Community: We can do so little alone and so much together! We believe we are stronger together and continue to grow and nurture relationships between employees, suppliers, customers and our local and global communities.