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Sustainably creative with Kitpas

Kitpas is a beautiful Japanese brand that has been making high quality art materials for over 80 years. In 2005 she introduced the butter-soft Kitpas Art Crayons. Chalks in beautiful vibrant colors, water-soluble and that can be used on different surfaces, such as paper, glass, mirrors, whiteboards, etc. And they are very easy to wash off non-porous surfaces.

Their well-known bath crayons have been specially developed for drawing in the bath or shower. These are made from rice bran wax. In doing so, they contribute to food waste, as rice bran is normally thrown away after milling the rice. By reusing these in their crayons, they contribute to a bit of sustainability.

In addition, Kitpas as a company is very socially involved. According to their philosophy, everyone should find happiness and satisfaction in their work, regardless of their ability. Their working environment is therefore fully adapted to this, so that their employees with different capacities can work side by side. In this way, they also provide opportunities for people with disabilities.

Creativity, environmentally friendly production, sustainability and social involvement are therefore the core values ​​of this great company.