All the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp

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The Himalayan salt lamps look beautiful and they give a very warm atmosphere in the house. But this beautiful salt lamp has many more advantages. For example, the lamp has an air purifying effect, but it has many more health benefits. I’ll tell you all about it in this blog.

Atmosphere maker

Salt lamps are made from a chunk of salt from the Himalayas. Because it is a natural product, the shape and color of each salt lamp can differ. Every lamp is therefore unique! Due to the pink / orange / red color of the lamp, it gives a beautiful warm light. This gives every room where you place the lamp an atmospheric glow. But the white salt lamp also gives a beautiful bright light and is a real mood maker in any room. The lamps come in a natural chunk shape, but also in the shape of a moon or as a super nice moon night light. This is also very nice for the baby / children’s room. The color of the lamp is caused by the presence of traces of calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and sulfate in the salt. This gives it a pink/orange or grey tint.

Due to the beautiful warm light, the lamp is also perfect as a night lamp for the children’s or baby room. Ideal for night feedings due to the soft, warm light or for children to read a book. The salt lamp also ensures balance, rest and good sleep. The ideal night light.

The operation of salt lamps

The lamp not only looks beautiful, it also contributes to better air quality in the house. When the lamp heats up, the salt emits negative ions. Ions are electrically charged molecules or atoms. Enriching the air with negative ions has a positive effect on health. For comparison: do you know that wonderful feeling during a walk in the woods? The feeling that you can breathe much more freely and deeply? This is because in the forest or at a waterfall about 50,000 negative oxygen ions per cm³ are present in the air. In the mountains or by the sea there are about 5000 per cm³, along the road there are only 100-200 per cm³ and in the house only 40-50 negative ions per cm³. It is also not a bad idea to put a nice salt lamp on your desk in the office, because the least number of negative ions can be found in an office space with air conditioning. These are only 0-25 per cm³.

Some advantages of enriching the air with negative ions are:

  • Be able to breathe more freely
  • fewer fatigue complaints
  • less headaches
  • It promotes the functioning of all organs, digestion and increases metabolism, because breathing ionized air ensures a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood

Positive ions in the air are caused by house dust, electrical equipment and electrical radiation from, for example, mobile phones, computers and wireless modems. Too many positive ions in the air can cause you to feel unwell. You could then experience complaints such as: headache, fatigue, a dry throat, a stuffy nose, a flu-like feeling and insomnia. You may also experience more feelings of stress, nervousness, irritability and even depression due to an excess of positive ions. By increasing the negative ions in a room, your resistance will increase, you will feel more rested and fitter and your ability to concentrate will improve. Negative ions promote the joy of life, so you will feel a lot more cheerful.

The negative ions that the salt lamp spreads can also remove dust from the air that causes allergies. Because the negative ions clump together and therefore become heavier, they descend and take down the dust particles that bacteria, germs and viruses carry. When vacuuming and mopping, you then clean up all the particles. Pollen, fungi and pollution from tobacco smoke are also falling. The lamp therefore has a positive effect on people with allergies, asthma, bronchitis and COPD.

The salt lamp only emits negative ions when it is heated by the light. It is therefore best to turn it on as much as possible, because an excess of negative ions can do no harm. Do you want to experience the positive effects of the negative ions that the salt lamp spreads? Make sure that you use a light bulb for the salt lamp. Only when the lamp heats up, the negative ions are dispersed. If you use an LED lamp, the lamp will not heat up and no negative ions will be spread through the lamp. The lamp still has an air-purifying function, because it attracts moisture molecules. The moisture molecules carry dust particles, dirt, pollen, fungi and pollution from tobacco smoke. The advice is therefore to wipe the lamp regularly with a soft cloth.

Because I would like you to experience all the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp, we always supply a light bulb with the lamp.

Choosing the right lamp

The salt lamp is available in different sizes. When choosing a salt lamp, take into account the dimensions of the room where you want to place the lamp. You need about 250 grams of salt crystal per m2. The salt lamp therefore purifies about 4m3 per kilo. For example, for a bedroom, a lamp weighing 2-3 kilograms is enough. For a larger space, you could opt for a larger lamp or you can place several lamps in one room to ensure that the lamp has enough effect. For best results, leave the lamp on for at least a few hours.

Please note

The salt can react to the humidity in the house. This can cause the salt to ‘sweat’. So to make sure that the salt lamp does not affect your furniture, it is best to place a shelf or bowl under the salt lamp.

Put the lamp out of reach of skin animals and children. Some pets might start licking the lamp. That’s certainly not what the lamp is for. And perhaps superfluous, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll mention it here anyway. Also, make sure your baby or child doesn’t lick the lamp. The same warning also applies to adults (just in case 😉)

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