My name is Myrte: founder of Glow. Glow is my more-than-just-a-webshop with products that make your world a little more beautiful, without breaking down that same world. Products that are produced honestly and sustainably, 100% vegan friendly, but stylish with a natural vibe and without the goat wool socks feeling.

In recent years, I have started to live more and more consciously myself and therefore also consume more consciously. For example, I realized more and more how polluting the fast fashion industry is and that people who make the clothes are often treated badly. I have also learned more and more about the amount of chemicals we come into contact with not only through the clothes we wear, but also through our care products and other products that we use every day. This must and can be better and I want to contribute to this with Glow.

With Glow – the label I have therefore opted for a small production of women’s and children’s clothing made of the best quality materials, without chemical substances and with the smallest possible impact on the environment. Locally produced by a small family business that still involves real craftsmanship.

In Glow – the store you will find numerous other brands and products that keep the same values at heart. Products I use for myself and my family. All made honestly and without the nasty chemicals. A one-stop-shop for all your fairly produced, sustainable and non-toxic products. In any case, you can count on the products in the shop meeting the following criteria:

  • 100% vegan friendly ((so you don’t have to read labels, I’ve already done that for you :)) and of course not tested on animals
  • Do not contain toxic substances
  • Being fairly produced

With Glow – the community I want to create a platform where people with the same mindset come together to learn from each other and inspire each other. Because I know better than anyone that if you are going to make different choices, you can feel that you are on your own in the beginning. For example, if I’m the only vegan at a party with people who don’t understand why I don’t just eat a piece of cake. Or if I point out to someone that scoring a bargain at is not always something to celebrate.

Being more conscious in life is a quest. It’s discovering and adjusting, it’s doing as-well-as-possible because perfection doesn’t exist. And you don’t have to. Every small step you take is one and I think that’s the way to go. You don’t have to change everything at once, but one step at a time. With every new purchase ask yourself, there is a better alternative. It is a quest and I would like to help you a little bit with that.

That’s Glow.

It is the place where I want to show that things can be done differently. A platform for people who – just like me – believe that with every purchase you choose the world you want to invest in.

Let’s light up the world together!!